We absolutely loved working with Sarah. She is professional, meticulous, and fabulous. Sarah took the time to understand our style preferences and how we envisioned using our space and designed a plan beyond what we could have imagined. We are thrilled with the end result and are loving our home.


"Sarah took the time to understand our style preferences"

Sarah designed a beautiful, functional, modern kitchen, as well as two new bathrooms and a laundry room that seamlessly fit the style of our 100-year old southern home. We originally hired an architect, but found that Sarah's designs were better than anything he suggested. Dealing with contractors and choosing appliances and fixtures is always a daunting task, but Sarah worked from the beginning to give us options that we loved and were within our budget. Because she was so organized and efficient, all of this work was done early in the process so that we never had to delay construction to figure out what needed to be there that day to be installed. While planning for the project, Sarah guided us through the different expectations we had for the space (homework areas, cooking areas, social areas). We envisioned space to cook elaborate meals, host parties, as well as spaces for our family to play games, do homework, read a book, or have a glass of wine with friends. We have absolutely LOVED the finished product. It is beautiful and functional and exceeded our expectations. Sarah was amazing!    


"We have absolutely LOVED the finished product."

Sarah Chiovarou is a true interior design professional with a passionate and detailed instinct for flawless designs. Her midwest appeal made my husband and I feel at ease with every decision we made. Sarah was always there to answer our questions, address our concerns, offer advice, and ultimately help guide us to fabulous products and vendors. Sarah felt like part of our family as she was always there with a warm smile, sticking to our budget but never sacrificing our vision. We absolutely love our kitchen and cannot thank Sarah and her team enough.


"Her midwest appeal made my husband and I feel at ease."

Sarah transformed our ordinary kitchen and breakfast room into a beautiful, functional space that looks spectacular. She is so easy to work with, listens to your needs and stays on top of all elements of the design. The end result was so much better than I ever expected. Sarah is a true professional with outstanding taste and a delight to work with.


"Sarah is a true professional with outstanding taste and a delight to work with."